Il Nuovo Trionfo

The work horse of the Venetian Lagoon was the trabaccolo, a type of lugger derived from a Byzantine cargo ship. It was used to trasport coal, wood and Istrian stone as well as foodstuffs, and despite its large capacity, it was nimble and manoeuvrable in the canals. Launched in 1926, Il Nuovo Trionfo is the only remaining seaworthy trabaccolo in Venice and it is now about to complete its first major restoration since decades.

Il Nuovo Trionfo is moored at the Punta della Dogana, at the entrance to the Grand Canal. Il Nuovo Trionfo hosts educational activities, group tours and cultural events; above all, it is an active presence during traditional Venetian celebrations: the Vogalonga, the Redentore, the Festa della Sensa, the Festa della Salute and the Historical Regatta.

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